Why Tech Matters

The future of large-scale positive impact depends on matching powerful innovations and proven technology with the communities who will benefit.

Solving a Social Problem is the Goal

Ambitious leaders want to move the needle on a big social issue.  Using software and data, we help build that needle and illuminate what’s moving it.  Along the way, we’re helping nonprofits (and companies) use tech to deliver far more mission outcomes per dollar spent.


Large-Scale Change Depends on Collaboration

No one organization, no matter how effective, single-handedly solves a social problem. It takes collaboration between hundreds or thousands of organizations reaching millions of people to make large-scale impact. Tech delivers the infrastructure and tools to drive essential collaboration.

Humanity Needs the Power of Tech to Advance Social Change

Tech offers enormous opportunities to advance solutions. Indeed, today, a social change movement without tech is unlikely to reach scale. The future of large-scale social innovation and systems change depends on matching appropriate tech solutions with the communities who will benefit.

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