The Tech Matters Network

The power to deliver social good at scale comes from the power of the Tech Matters network. With a long history of respectfully listening to the needs of diverse communities, the Tech Matters network has earned the trust of leaders in nonprofits, foundations, tech companies, and government. This trust creates an invaluable network of people needed to imagine and deliver technology innovations that have exciting and lasting impact.

Tech Matters was founded by Jim Fruchterman, a serial entrepreneur, who has already proven how technology can change entire fields in the social sector. He played the systems technologist role as founder and CEO of Benetech for many years, delivering large-scale change in partnerships with hundreds of organizations as part of major social enterprises in education, disability, human rights, and the environment. Jim has been widely recognized for his social change work, including the MacArthur Fellowship, the Skoll Award and the Caltech Distinguished Alumni award. He also dedicated substantial time advising hundreds of diverse social enterprises about the use of technology and data.

These decades of engagement have built up a powerful network of brilliant people from every sector who want to bring their knowledge, experience and personal networks to bear on social problems. When it comes to helping apply the right technology, the odds are very good that the technology has already been invented and applied to an existing business challenge, or in another part of the social impact ecosystem. This is why having a network that spans the widest possible range of technologies and social issues is crucial. It is Tech Matters unique asset.

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