Fighting unjust labor practices

We are the geek advisors to the Working Capital Investment Fund, an impact investing fund backed by major foundations. The fund invests in supply chain companies which have the potential to help major brands weed out unethical labor practices such as child labor, slave labor, and exploitation from their supply chains.


Social Problem Addressed

Eradicating unethical and illegal labor practices from the global supply chain is difficult. The cost reduction imperative leads to outsourcing and subcontracting, creating opacity and enabling labor abuse. Brands and buyers are increasingly held accountable by law and activists, but continue to keep abuses at arm’s length.

Our Tech Solution

We are helping the Working Capital team with strategic technology advice on where there might be technology opportunities that can positively impact labor rights. We assist with reviewing potential investments from a tech standpoint, and we help portfolio companies grow their impact.

Partners and Supporters

The Working Capital Investment Fund.