At Tech Matters, we know well that tech is never the end-all solution to social, political, and economic problems. We also know that, in trying to meet large-scale challenges—a global pandemic; climate change; economic uncertainty; political disenfranchisement—tech is vital. It’s vital if our goal is to achieve large-scale impact and long-term change. And given the well-known risks of misusing technology, it’s up to all of us to make sure that change is for the better.

Fortunately, good work is constantly being done by good people. Not only that, but there are methods behind their accomplishments (whether it feels like it or not). And where there’s failure, there are lessons to be learned.

We decided to launch The Tech Matters Podcast to spread the word about the work of some of the most interesting social entrepreneurs out there—leaders whose goal is to create social value rather than growth for its own sake—and learn about how they used technology to create deeply impactful organizations. This audio series is hosted by long-standing social entrepreneur and Tech Matters founder Jim Fruchterman. In hearing the stories of our guests, Jim will also get to dig into the concepts that underlie social enterprise: how to deeply listen to the communities we serve; how to find the money for tech for good; the importance of data rights and data sovereignty; how to decide on exit strategies; reasons for choosing a nonprofit or a for-profit structure; and much more.

So: Are you a budding social change leader looking to start an organization for social good? Are you a software engineer who wants to channel your skills towards building a better future? A donor hungering for large scale impact? Are you someone who simply wants to learn about systems change and what that means in practice? If yes, you’ll get a lot out of this.

And with that—check out our first episode, featuring social entrepreneur Mike Sani! Mike is famous for using gamification to help register two million young people to vote in the UK with his social enterprise, Bite the Ballot, and we also explore his current spin-off venture, Play Verto.