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by | November 22, 2021 | Child Helplines Project, Work with Us

Do you dream of using your skills to make the world a better place for people? Then, you might just be interested in joining our nonprofit tech company, where the focus is on meaning and impact, and not making money. Tech Matters is hiring an Outreach Lead and Full Stack Engineer for our Aselo social enterprise!

Aselo is busy remaking the technology supporting the child helpline movement around the world. Your skills with technology, as either an experienced outreach professional, or a full stack developer, will be a key part of scaling Aselo in our quest to take the helpline movement from the telephone age into the social media era!

We are seeking our first Outreach Lead for the Aselo open source contact center platform for crisis response helplines. You will be the primary leader responsible for building relationships with helplines around the world and within the United States, helping them respond better to far more children and adults in crisis. As the primary outreach leader for this small and scrappy team, you will have an essential role in scaling Aselo to meet the needs of helplines securely and reliably and achieving our goal of helping 100 million kids by 2025.

And, we are also looking for a Full Stack Engineer to join our current five-person Aselo team. This is a great opportunity for someone early in their career (we’re looking for someone with two-plus years of production coding experience) to join a social enterprise using software for social good.

Aselo is a social enterprise project of Tech Matters, a tech-for-good non-profit dedicated to systems change. Tech Matters does not consult or do software development “for hire.” Instead, we undertake and fund open source technology platforms that have the potential to impact not just one or two organizations, but an entire field on a worldwide basis. We have funding from the End Violence Fund at UNICEF as well as a number of leading foundations and tech companies.

We are a remote-first, globally distributed team that spans from the US West Coast to Latin America to Europe to South Africa. You can work from anywhere, though people on the West Coast can expect earlier workdays and people in Europe and Africa can expect later workdays. We have core overlap hours of 8-11am Pacific Time, which is flexible day-to-day. The Outreach Lead position will involve considerable travel (including international) when it is safe to do so.

Check out the roles at our website which will lead to an application page at Benetech (our fiscal sponsor and nonprofit parent). We’d love to hear from you!

About Aselo

Aselo is an early-stage and rapidly growing social enterprise with the goal of helping 100 million kids in crisis all around the world by 2025. In partnership with Child Helpline International and its over 160 helpline members in nearly 140 countries, we operate an open source, cloud-based contact center platform built to give these crisis helplines the same technology power enjoyed by big corporate call centers.

The need is great: these child helplines receive over 30 million calls annually yet many are only able to answer one-third of the calls they receive. 94% of their communications are still voice calls, while the vast majority of children are far more comfortable with text. During the pandemic, volumes have increased by 50% or more in many countries, increasing the urgency for upgraded technology. Aselo is now the production system for four national helplines with many more signing up (that will be the Outreach Lead’s job going forward!).

About Tech Matters

Tech Matters is a nonprofit organization that leverages the power of tech to support social sector innovators and advance large-scale positive social change. As tech nerds for the social sector, we create common ground for systems change solutions, empowering progress on humanity’s most pressing social issues. We are fiscally sponsored by Benetech, Silicon Valley’s leading tech-for-good nonprofit.



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